A little while ago Bryan and I decided we wanted to start spending our Saturdays hiking with the kids. Problem is, it's been pretty cold recently, so we've been pretty bad about making it happen. We finally made it out today, though, and hiked around Occoneechee State Park.  There aren't really mountains in our part of North Carolina, and it's somewhat less gratifying to have a hike with no end view, so Occoneechee was perfect - a 2 mile hike that wasn't too technical for the kids to be able to walk most of the way themselves, which still afforded us a decent view! We had a great time even though it was a bit cold.

Aspen was not super happy but Kal and Ever tried to cheer her up with their nuggles

Kalin picked up a stick and said "Everlie, today we're going to learn to spin sticks, now watch me, it's like this!"

Everlie refuses to let me take her picture, so when I was trying to snap these she just kept closing her eyes just to drive me crazy!