Sleeping Giant Park's been forever since I last wrote on the blog...clearly :) I'm planning some major changes and hopefully lots more updates so that we can keep everyone informed now that we're living so far away, and I regret that it's taken this long to put things in to action! I think I get overwhelmed by the idea of blogging more than anything, so I thought I'd start with something simple, and we'll work in the big updates as we go.

Bryan had a school "break" about two weeks ago, and while we decided to decline a couple of more fun out of town vacations so he could get caught up on studying (which...I'm pretty sure he still wasn't able to do), we still wanted to plan something fun for the break. We decided to go check out one of the state parks that's only about 20 minutes from where we live - a "mountain" of sorts for this area (being from Utah the size of the mountain is pretty laughable, but still!) It's called Sleeping Giant Park because the shape of the mountain is supposed to be a sleeping giant (kind of reminds me of another sleeping person found on top of a mountain...Timpanogos?) I can't really see either of these shapes, though - guess we'll leave that to the more imaginative!

Anyway, before we set out we stopped at McDonald's to pick up some burgers for the Summit Cheeseburger challenge we were clued in to by Jon. ( The short hike was beautiful, and while we probably should have done it a few weeks earlier for the sake of more beautiful fall leaves, the showing of color was still impressive. Kalin really enjoys riding in the BOB, and so he had a great time as well (especially since he got to eat a good portion of my burger - who knew he liked cheeseburgers?!)

I'm not sure what's on his face here...