Wedding Pictures

I just thought it'd be fun to show some of our bridal and engagement pictures - I don't think all of these have made it up on our photographer's blog, so there might be some different ones; and these ones are MY favorite :) I  really loved our photographer, he did a great job and even though I haven't done much with the photos yet (I hate being so busy!) I can't wait to get some of them framed and hung up.

101309BRE 031 cw

I know I look kind of...tired in this one, but I still really like it.
101309BRE 025 cs1

I thought it would be really cool to incorporate some of my "Jerusalem apparel" in our photo shoot - hence the crazy cool dress.
101309BRE 130 bw

This is one of my absolute favorites
110309RBG 114

110309RBG 136 ls